USA Dance (West TX, South NM) Chapter #5017

About Us

Recreational enjoyment of ballroom dancing by all ages, and create opportunities for the general public to participate in ballroom dancing.

2. Promote amateur DanceSport as a sport.

3. Organize and foster amateur DanceSport events, including regional and local championships.

4.Organize and foster educational programs among the public about the health, training, equipment, performance analysis, and sporting aspects of amateur DanceSport.

5. Organize and foster programs which assist in the expansion of amateur DanceSport and assist in the elevation of dancing skills among amateurs, including beginner development, intermediate development, and elite level development.

6. Organize and foster programs for DanceSport and recreational ballroom dancing in colleges, high schools, middle schools, and primary schools.

7. Organize and foster educational programs among the public about the healthful aspects of ballroom dancing: its physical, mental, and social

8. Promote Ballroom/DanceSport dancing at all dance studios located within the geographic area of its charter.

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Member of United States Olympic Committee (USOC).