Desert Dancer
Chapter #5017 of
USA Dance , Inc.
El Paso - Las Cruces - West TX - Southern NM
Members joined
Santa Teresa
Country Club
Celebrating the 4th - 2011
Member Appreciation Tea Dance
Sunday May 15, 2011
Wounded Warriors Appreciation Ball

March 2012
Sunday,  August 12, 2012     
at the Senior Citizen Hall
Memorial Park, 1800 Byron St, El Paso, TX
Benefiting Social Ballroom Dance,
DanceSport, and Youth Scholarships
Christmas 2012
Little Bit of Texas
January 20, 2013 Dance
Desert Dancers
at Shundo Dance Studio
Holiday Dance at
Shundo Dance Studio
December 8, 2013
May 18 at the
NEW Shundo
120 Paragon Lane,
El Paso, TX